Asthma & Allergy Testing for Your Family

Are you having issues breathing? Do you notice rashes or other skin issues cropping up more frequently? These issues and more can be caused by allergens, including pollen and food allergens. Carondelet Medical Group is here to perform the asthma and allergy testing needed to get to the bottom of what is causing your allergic symptoms. This is especially important for patients suffering from asthma, since breathing problems can lead to serious issues including death.

The allergist at our clinic is ready to help you get to the bottom of your allergies. Through our tests and examinations, we are able to get a firm understanding of what is triggering your allergic reactions or allergic asthma so that the proper treatment can then be performed. Make sure you are getting your allergies under control with the help of our primary care physician.

Doctor With Stethoscope

Allergy Testing to Determine Your Allergens

Breathing in allergens can make your asthma worse and can even end up causing asthmatic attacks. From coughing and wheezing to shortness of breath and the tightening of your chest, exposure to an allergen to which you are sensitive can cause you an endless amount of pain and grief. Luckily, there is something you can do about it. Our allergist is ready to sit down and review your allergies with you by performing tests to determine what is causing your allergy episodes.

Once we know what allergens are causing you the most trouble, our allergist can get to work coming up with the proper treatments to help you stop these allergic attacks from happening. Solutions include providing you with antihistamines as well as allergy shots.

Helpful Allergy Shots

If you are not having success with medications or don’t want to deal with having to remember to take a pill on a daily basis, our allergy shots could be the solution for you when you need to get your allergies under control. These injections help you improve your control of asthma while also reducing the frequency of sinus infections, ear infections, and even the effects of atopic dermatitis.

These allergy shots are typically performed once a week for six months, and many patients find that they can see improvements after just three months. Some patients even find that, after a number of years of treatment, their allergies are gone for life. This is a wonderful solution for those with severe allergies and asthma.

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