Heart Care from Our Cardiologist

It goes without saying that your heart is one of the most important organs in your entire body. It is essential for you to take good care of it to ensure you stay healthy and live a long life. The heart doctors and specialists at Carondelet Medical Group have the specialized training and knowledge necessary to help you take proper care of your heart and combat any illnesses or issues that may affect it.

As Southern Arizona's premiere heart centers, our medical network is sure to provide you with a cardiologist that can get to the bottom of your health issues and provide you with the treatment plan necessary for combating any heart-related issues you might be experiencing. From ablation treatments and atrial fibrillations to cardiac catheterization and pacemaker surgery, our heart specialists have the knowledge and skills necessary to fight coronary artery disease and all other heart disease issues.

Available Treatments from Our Heart Doctors

When your primary care physician believes that you might have a significant heart-related condition, he or she will often contact one of our cardiologists to help diagnose and treat you. Symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pains, or dizzy spells can be extensions of different heart issues, including heart murmurs or coronary artery disease, and can lead to a heart attack, heart failure, or serious heart rhythm disturbances.

Special tests and treatments are required to combat these issues and our cardiologists are just the specialists to perform them for you. We are ready to help you and other victims of heart disease return to a full and useful life. There are a number of different types of services our heart doctors can perform for our patients, including:

Two Doctors

Working with Our Heart Specialists

Usually serving as a consultant to your primary physician, our cardiologists are specialized doctors that are there exclusively to help you with heart-related issues. Once our heart doctors begin treating you, you will receive some of the best care the country has to offer. Our cardiologists guide your care services from beginning to end by planning tests and treatments with your regular doctors and any nurses who are looking after you. This helps to create a community of healing that is 100% dedicated to helping you take control of your heart disease and begin living a happier and healthier life.

Contact us at 844-522-9355 to learn more about the different ways our heart specialists can help you. Our heart centers are ready to assist individuals located throughout the Tucson, Arizona community.