The Healing Power of Pacemakers

Living your life with any degree of cardiac distress can make it hard for you to truly enjoy the world around you. The pacemaker doctors at Carondelet Medical Group understand this challenge, and are willing and able to provide you with the cardiology services you need, including heart transplant and pacemaker surgery, to return your life to normal.

Normalizing your heart’s rhythm and improving the quality of your life is very important to our heart doctors.

Pacemaker of the Heart

What exactly is a pacemaker? It is a tiny electronic device that is surgically implanted inside of your upper chest. This state-of-the-art equipment then monitors your heart’s function and, if your heartbeat becomes irregular, produces an electric signal to your heart to help stabilize it. By helping you normalize your heart’s natural sinus rhythm, pacemakers allow you to handle such issues as tachyarrhythmia, bradycardia, and arrhythmia. Once your heart beat is under control, you can begin to alleviate such symptoms as dizziness, fainting, shortness of breath, general fatigue, and chest pain.

Senior Couple

It is important to take some pacemaker precautions if you have one surgically implanted into your body. This includes avoiding or using caution with airport security detectors, large magnetic fields, large motors, or high-voltage radar machinery. The pacemaker doctors make sure to go over all of the different safety measures you should take to ensure your pacemaker continues to work just as it should.

Heart Transplants & Cardiology Services

Depending on the seriousness of your heart issues, it might be necessary for our doctor to recommend a heart transplant service. It is important to know that a heart transplant is not a cure, but a form of treatment that can make your life more normal when you are dealing with heart failure. It is required that you carefully follow a lifelong routine of healthy living and medication to ensure that your transplanted heart functions properly.

A heart transplant provides a number of benefits for those living with heart failure or extreme heart disease. With your new heart, you will find that you have an increased amount of strength, energy, and stamina. This allows you to live a more normalized lifestyle so that you don’t have to worry about day-to-day problems that come with heart issues. Most importantly, a heart transplant improves the prognosis for extending your lifespan when you are dealing with heart disease or failure.

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