Primary Care Physician Helping You Stay Healthy

Building long-term relationships with each and every patient is one of the top priorities of the primary care physicians at Carondelet Medical Group. As you become more comfortable with our skilled team of internal medicine and family practice doctors, you will be more likely to come back for regular visits. This not only helps you improve your wellness, but also gives us the ability to learn more about your unique health needs. This enables us to provide you with focused health care that will help you maintain your health and quickly recover from illness or injury.

Blue Stethoscope

The primary care and family doctors at our health care provider have spent their professional lives serving patients with a diverse group of needs. Additionally, they are dedicated to promoting good health habits while also helping you or your loved ones manage any chronic diseases you may be suffering from, including high blood pressure, arthritis, and diabetes care. You can count on the expertise of our health care professionals to ensure your expectations are met or exceeded when you come in for our primary medical services.

The Right Care from Our Primary Care Physician

Offering you a full range of patient-centered health care services, our team of highly-qualified primary care doctors, physicians, and other health care providers are ready to properly diagnose and treat you for any ailments you might be suffering from. Patients of all ages can stop by one of our convenient locations to receive personalized, comprehensive care in a very friendly, comfortable, and supportive environment. When you are in need of exceptional health care, you can rest assured that you will receive it when you visit a clinic in our health network.

Whether you are dealing with minor illnesses or injuries or are in need of a more comprehensive form of care, our PCPs are ready to assist you. Our internal and family medicine practitioners are proud to offer:

Primary Doctor for Complex Health Problems

Regular checkups, screenings, and wellness exams are the keys to resolving any health concerns you might have. By visiting our primary care physician on a regular basis, you are able to learn how to prevent illnesses, treat any problems you might have, and receive the proper care necessary to keep any chronic issues under control. Even if you are dealing with a complex health problem, our specialists have the training necessary to provide you with the best care possible.

Call us at 844-522-9355 today to book an appointment, find detailed provider information, office locations, hours, and more. The friendly doctors in our health network are ready to assist patients located throughout the Tucson, Arizona area.