Knowledgeable Vascular Doctors

There are so many blood vessels in your body that if you removed them all and laid them out in a line, it would be close to 100,000 miles in length. What do all of these blood vessels do? They help circulate blood throughout your body so that your organs can receive fresh blood, and your heart can rejuvenate the used cells. Carondelet Medical Group’s vascular doctors know that when disease or injury negatively affects your vascular system, it can end up causing you major medical issues.

Cardiovascular disease, spider veins, carotid arteries, vascular dementia, and varicose veins are just a small selection of the types of issues that can develop in your vascular system over time. Our vascular ultrasound doctors and cardiologists are ready to work together to create a specialized treatment plan to help you recover from any disease that is affecting your cardiovascular system.

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What Do Vascular Ultrasound Doctors Do?

A vascular doctor is capable of diagnosing and managing disorders that affect your arteries, veins, and lymphatic systems. They are capable of performing open operations, endovascular catheter-based procedures, reconstructive vascular surgery, and non-invasive vascular testing and interpretations to get to the bottom of your issues and provide you with the compassionate, healing care you need to get healthy again.

While vascular specialists operate on the veins and arteries, they do not work on the blood vessels around the heart like a cardiologist would. That is why these two specialists usually work together to help you achieve your best possible health. When you have been diagnosed or believe that you are suffering from an issue with your vascular system, come and speak to our vascular ultrasound doctors. We will perform the tests and treatments necessary to diagnose your issue and begin the treatment process.

Vascular Ultrasound Specialists & Vein Doctors

There are a number of different illnesses and issues that our doctors are trained to handle. The most common conditions we treat are related to aortic aneurysms, atherosclerosis of the carotid artery, and varicose veins. Other conditions we treat include stroke prevention, vascular trauma, peripheral arterial disease, diabetic foot infections, venous ulcers, circulation problems, and claudication issues. Take a look below for more information about the main illnesses our team treats:

Aneurysms – An aneurysm is an enlargement of an artery. When the artery becomes too big, it can end up causing a life-threatening rupture. Our vascular doctors know which aneurysms are likely to rupture or clot, and can determine if they need to be repaired or monitored to protect your health.

Atherosclerosis – This type of disease is typically called “the hardening of the arteries.” When this hardening happens in the carotid arteries, pieces of atherosclerotic plaque are created that can potentially break off, travel to the brain, and cause a stroke. Our specialists are able to determine if your arteries are in need of an intervention to prevent potential or future strokes.

Varicose Veins – A varicose vein is a large, twisted vein that is visible under the surface of the skin. Not only are these varicose veins eyesores, but they can also cause leg pain, swelling, and can even lead to blood clots. Our vein doctors are able to develop a treatment plan to minimize the health issues caused by varicose veins, including the use of compression socks, exercising, and elevating your legs. Furthermore, surgical repairs can be performed to remove varicose veins or close them off if nonsurgical treatments fail.

Contact our vascular doctors at 844-522-9355to learn more about how we can help you fight against cardiovascular disease and other heart and vein related issues. Our vascular ultrasound specialists are proud to assist patients located throughout the Tucson, Arizona community.