Women’s Wellness Exams for a Healthier You

Your annual wellness checkup isn’t just an important part of your general wellness—it also offers you a great opportunity to take charge of your health. Routine women’s wellness exams from Carondelet Medical Group help you find any health problems you might be experiencing early on. The exams also enable you to prevent potential issues before they ever occur. This not only helps you maintain your health, but also makes it much easier to treat any health concerns that might arise before they pose a serious risk to your health.

A regular women’s wellness exam from our primary care physician begins with a discussion of health topics that are relevant to your age and risk factors. Our friendly and compassionate physicians then perform the exams and screening tests as well as any immunizations that may be required to ensure your best health. This simple visit on a regular basis can have major benefits for you in the long run.

Pregnant Woman at Doctor's Appointment

Wellness Checkups for Women

Women require special exams and screenings to ensure that their body is working like it should. The welcoming OB/GYNs at our clinics and hospitals understand how to make you feel comfortable during these women’s wellness exams so that you can be at ease throughout the entire process. The three main wellness checkups for women include:

Pelvic Exam – This is an exam to check if your internal female organs are normal by feeling the shape and size.
Pap Test – This is a test to check for cancer of the cervix, which is the opening to your uterus. Cells from your cervix are prepared so they can be examined under a microscope to find any potential issues so treatment can begin.
Clinical Breast Exam – This is an exam to check for breast cancer by feeling and looking at your breasts for lumps or other warning signs.

Women’s Wellness Exam for Preventative Care

Documenting your health habits and history as well as setting positive health goals are two aspects of our women’s wellness exam designed to help you avoid health issues in the future. Our physician is ready to discuss your health needs and issues with you while providing all of the shots, screenings, and counseling you need to prevent diseases and make informed health decisions.

Manage your health properly by scheduling your annual women’s health exams through our network. Not only do we provide care for women, but our gynecology experts also provide tips for women to ensure they are able to achieve and maintain their best health.

Contact our wellness checkup center at 844-522-9355 to learn more about our women’s wellness exams. Our team is ready to assist patients located throughout the Tucson, Arizona area.